Big Hopes Big Future is coming to Hampshire

Big Hopes Big Future © is Home-Start’s exciting new evidence based targeted early learning programme.  It helps children fulfil their potential at nursery or school – and in later life.  It works by helping parents provide a home environment that supports their children’s early learning and development.

Initially a 2 year pilot project funded by the DfE, Home-Start UK now has additional funding from the Department to roll out the programme to 80 local schemes, including several in Hampshire. Findings from the pilot project show that volunteers are improving families’ routines, helping parents to understand the benefits of early learning, helping them overcome barriers to engagement, signposting families to key agencies, and working with parents around their own learning difficulties. Significant improvements are shown for children against four key developmental and educational milestones: Language skills, Cognitive skills, Daily living skills, and Ability to adjust behaviour.  All children taking part in the BHBF pilot project demonstrated considerable progress in all areas.

The full evaluation carried out by the Centre for Family Research at the University of Cambridge will be published within the next few weeks.

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