Could you be a Home-Start Trustee?

Charity trustees

Charity trustees direct how a charity is run and help make sure it does what it was set up to do. This includes making sure the charity:

  • sticks to its charitable mission
  • has the money it needs
  • spends that money responsibly on the activities it was raised for
  • follows the law and doesn’t break its own rules

The main purpose of a trustee is to decide the charity’s priorities and future plans. Some also give practical help with the charity’s activities. Charity trustees also make sure the charity achieves its plans effectively.

The role of charity trustee requires commitment and responsibility. It also allows you to see the charity’s positive effects on people and society. Being a charity trustee can also help you gain new skills and experience that can help you develop your career.

If you are interested in joining Home-Start as a trustee, please email us for further information or talk to your local scheme

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