Early intervention pilot announced

From the Autumn Statement

Early intervention pilot for 0 to 2 year-olds – The government will pilot a new approach to ensure that the most effective early intervention actions are taken during a child’s very earliest years, to prevent avoidable problems later.

Rob Parkinson, chief executive of Home-Start UK, called upon the Chancellor to use the Autumn Statement to protect funding to help vulnerable families, saying: “The economies gained from funding programmes that intervene early in families’ lives will help the government reduce costs in the long term.”

He continued: “Families face multiple pressures when their circumstances change because of unreliable employment, gaps in benefit payments, poor physical and mental health and housing problems.  These can push people into crisis and when this happens, children suffer and the remedies can be more expensive for the state. Home-Start called upon the Chancellor to address these issues in his Autumn Statement and to put in place funding to help vulnerable families.”

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