Government life chances strategy includes parenting support

The Prime Minister gave a speech on 11 January 2016 on life chances for children and fighting poverty both economically and socially. Four main topics from the speech focused on:

  • supporting families through relationship support, the Troubled Families programme and increased parenting provision;
  • education, sport and the National Citizen Service;
  • mentoring and opportunities for young people; and
  • treatment and support for adults with mental health problems.

The Prime Minister insisted that strengthening families is the best way to fight poverty and give children the best chances in life.

Within the family and early years section was the introduction of the Life Chances Strategy. Although the detailed strategy will not be published until the Spring, the Prime Minister briefly described the goal behind the strategy. It will include a plan to considerably develop parenting provision by introducing a voucher scheme for parenting classes and incentives that will motivate parents to sign up to them.

To read the full speech, go to Prime Minister’s speech on life chances.

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