Home- Start in Hampshire’s Conference is crucial

Oncamila B why she’s supporting Home-Start in Hampshire’s Early Years conference, Camila Batmanghelidjh, Founder of Kids Company, said: Most parents love their children but they can’t always take care of them as well as they’d like to. I cannot imagine anything more beautiful than empowering a parent to become the best they can for their kids.”

The county of  Hampshire has one of the wealthiest cities in the UK, (Winchester), and yet the reality is that 1,800 children in that city are also living below the poverty line. The disparity in income is stark. However families from all social backgrounds may be receiving Home-Start support, but for different reasons. Aside from poverty, there are numerous other issues affecting a parent’s ability to cope. And such issues have no bearing on class, culture or social position; domestic abuse, disability, bereavement, post natal depression, relationship breakdown, these can all have a significant impact on a child’s early life and cause a parent to need Early Years Intervention support. Sadly in the current financial climate it is getting more difficult for agencies to reach and support these vulnerable families.

Early Years Intervention is a proven, cost-effective delivery model. It can prevent crisis and family breakdown. It can protect both a vulnerable child and a parent that’s suffering in silence.  It paves the way for a mum or dad to parent their child in the best way they possibly can. It’s simple, if we don’t invest in Early Years Intervention we are not investing in our children.

The conference is 13th March 2015. Please visit our website www.home-starthamsphire.org.uk for details


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