Parents ‘skipping meals’ so children can eat during the holidays

A new report reveals almost a third of parents on low-incomes have skipped a meal so that their children could eat during the summer holidays.

According to Isolation and Hunger: the impact of the school holidays on struggling families, 73 per cent of parents with household incomes of less than £15,000, and 65 per cent with incomes of less than £25,000, struggle to afford food in the holidays.  The report by Kellogg’s, which has been delivered to MPs, is based on a YouGov survey of 580 parents with household incomes of £24,999 or less.  Research by Northumbria University into ‘school holiday hunger’ also fed into the report.  To keep costs down, 14 per cent of the parents surveyed said they served slightly smaller meals to their family, while 3 per cent said the entire family had to skip a meal on at least one occasion.

Almost four in ten (38 per cent) said they had bought cheaper and perhaps less healthy food, and nearly a quarter (24 per cent) prioritised food over paying a household bill.  Survey participants also reported feeling isolated during the summer holidays, due to being unable to afford to go out and entertain their children. Home-Start is a charity that can support families during holiday time, with volunteers visiting at home and helping families to go out – or by running groups throughout the long summer break.  Click here to read the whole article. 


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