Quarter of parents feel “cut off” and lonely – Home-Start can help

A quarter (24%) of British parents feel lonely and isolated, regularly feeling cut off from friends and other sources of support, according to new findings released today by charity Action for Children.

The research, of more than 2,000 parents, has unearthed a shocking scale of loneliness that for nearly a quarter (22%) of people has become worse since becoming a parent. The importance of having a support network to rely on was also highlighted by parents the charity spoke to, with more than half (57%) saying it is particularly important to have friends who are also parents.

Home-Start supports parents who are isolated and lonely. In Hampshire alone, our fully trained volunteers supported over 1,200 families in the last year, encouraging them to widen their network of support and helping them to overcome isolation, loneliness and many other issues faced by families struggling to cope, e.g. debt, overcrowded housing, illness, depression, bereavement, relationship difficulties.

To read more about Action for Children’s report visit their web-site here


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