We are eating too much sugar

The government Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition has published a new report recommending that no more than 5% of our calorie intake should come from “free sugars”.  The previous recommendation was 10%.  The new advice says children aged 11 or over and adults should consume no more than seven teaspoons of added sugar a day – 30g, equal to less than a single can of Coca-Cola, which contains 39g.

Young children should consume much less than that. The report recommends no more than 19g for children aged four to six (around the amount of sugar in a pouch of Capri Sun) and no more than 24g for children aged seven to 10 (around the amount of sugar in a Snickers bar).  It suggests that sugary drinks and chocolate should be a once or twice a week treat rather than an every day snack.

Home-Start supports families to make healthy lifestyle changes; our volunteers can offer support with cooking on a budget, and making healthy meals; supporting families to reduce sugar intake, enrol children with dentists, and offer support and encouagement to keep to the changes when life gets tough.  For more information about Home-Start’s work with families and healthy living read our Start young – get set for life report.

Click here to read the full government SACN report.

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